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One of the most common tools used in the diagnosis of vascular disease is a comprehensive ultrasound examination. Our full-service, ICAVL accredited vascular ultrasound lab makes us the only private practice in the South Bay to offer this service on site.  Why is this important? The answer to this question is simple. The Institute for Vascular Testing  allows us to provide high quality vascular ultrasound studies quickly, accurately and without putting our patients through the hassle of visiting a hospital. Our state of the art imaging equipment in a stand alone facility allows our registered ultrasonography technologists to generate the most advanced studies available. In turn, these studies are read by a RPVI accredited Vascular Surgeon, and not a radiologist...that's important, because instead of being one of a thousand studies being read by a hospital radiologist, the Vascular Surgeon examines the physics and flow parameters of blood; not just the static image of a physical structure. Vascular Surgeons know exactly what to look for as it relates to circulatory issues so that they can build a treatment plan specific to their patients individual needs.

Accurate vascular ultrasound studies are the primary tool a vascular surgeon uses to help diagnose a problem. Without a good study to construct pictures of a patients blood flow and blood vessels easily diagnosed circulatory problems are often over looked.  This is non-invasive examination does not require needles or radiation. Instead, they are conducted with a small probe and a little warm gel on the area of interest. Most of these studies can be completed in less than an hour.

All of our studies are non-invasive, pain-free, and performed by a Vascular Technologist (a person who is trained to do ultrasounds that focus on blood vessels). Our tests are performed on a state of the art GE Ultrasound machine and interpreted by the vascular surgeon. If we find an urgent problem, we will fax or phone an interim report to the referring doctor. Otherwise, we will mail a full written report with hard copy prints and/or drawings within 48 hours. If your doctor or the vascular surgeon orders these tests they are almost always covered by insurance.

Many people are aware that they have risk factors for vascular disease and want to take their health into their own hands. Risk factors such as being over 55, smoking cigarettes, and having high blood pressure or cholesterol can leave a person worried about strokes or aneurysms. We can help put you at ease about these problems through a thirty minute ultrasound screening. While insurance does not pay for these screenings, they are affordable for almost any patient.

Our Noninvasive Vascular Laboratory performs thousands of the following procedures every year:

  • Carotid duplex scanning
  • Color flow duplex imaging of the upper and lower extremity venous systems
  • Color flow duplex imaging of the upper and lower extremity arterial systems
  • Duplex imaging of previously placed arterial and/or venous reconstruction procedures as part of a graft       surveillance program to prevent graft thrombosis
  • Cold immersion stress testing with digital artery pressures and temperatures measured for the valuation of   Raynauds Phenomena

The preoperative arterial and venous mapping of both upper and lower extremity arterial venous systems in patients scheduled for vascular access procedures for dialysis and/or arterial bypass surgery

You can schedule a test by calling (408) 376-3626. Our Noninvasive Vascular Laboratory is open between 8:30am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday. 

We will attend to any insurance authorizations that are required.

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