To our current South Bay Vascular Center patients and anyone suffering from complex vascular disease:

The physicians and staff at South Bay Vascular Center recognize the difficulty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. We wanted to inform our patients that our offices in both Campbell and Gilroy CA. WILL remain open in accordance with the CDC, Santa Clara County, CA State and Federal guidelines.

Our accredited vascular ultrasound lab, the Institute for Vascular Testing, will also remain open and fully staffed to serve patients who may have a blood clot (DVT) or any other critical life/limb threatening blood flow related symptoms. If your primary care physician recommends that you go to the hospital for your vascular ultrasound study please inform them that IVT continues to evaluate patients at their outpatient clinics in both Campbell and Gilroy. IVT continues to be the best alternative to hospital based ultrasound labs many of which are no long open for outpatient ultrasound studies.

Finally, in 2019 South Bay Vascular was the first private vascular surgery practice in the region to offer remote telemedicine appointments to a limited number of our patients. Using a standard laptop, desktop or smart device (iOS, Android phone) telemedicine appointments enable our physicians to have one-on-one video meetings with our patients and allows them to directly observe and to evaluate certain vascular conditions in the privacy of a patients home.

Telemedicine appointments continue to be available for CERTAIN of our existing patients and we encourage any of our patients impacted by the current shelter in place order to change their appointment to a telemedicine visit.

Please call us today at 408-376-3626 to schedule your vascular ultrasound study or to schedule a telemedicine appointment. Thank you.