Our History

South Bay Vascular Center


Established in 1997 by Dr. Polyxene "Polly" Kokinos, South Bay Vascular Center and Vein Institute, has a singular mission:

"To ensure the best possible outcomes in the safest and most comfortable environment available".


In short, this means our goal is "to help our patients have legs that are healthy, feel good and look great". To us, providing the best available care for our patients is a passion... and it is the result of a lifetime dedicated to studying and treating vascular disease.


For over 20 years our doctors have helped tens of thousands of patients get their lives back with state of the art medical care specifically focused on circulation and cosmetic vein issues. As a Vascular Surgery Center of Excellence, South Bay Vascular Center physicians and staff offer patients unmatched, personalized care for vascular and arterial conditions, ranging from the most delicate to the most complex.


Our on-site, ICAVL Accredited Ultrasound Laboratory and Angiography Suite are the first of their kind in the area. Because we can diagnose and treat both complex as well as simple vascular conditions at our facility, we treat a large number of our patients' vascular surgery and cosmetic vein issues in-house, without the need for patients to visit a hospital or to travel between multiple locations...and that's why we are different. By making things easier for our patients, we believe we are providing a better health care experience for our patients.


Supporting our physicians, our nurses are the best in the business. SBVC nurses have extensive experience in cardiovascular intensive care units, operating rooms, and recovery rooms and together, our three nurses have experience totaling over 60 years.
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