Leg Swelling

Chronic pain and swelling in one leg (especially the left side) may be caused by Iliac Vein Compression. This is a little-known but fairly common condition that can greatly impact your quality of life—and may lead to more serious complications. It’s not a normal part of aging or weight gain. And it’s not something you have to “just live with.”

Leg swelling is a special area of interest of Dr. Polly Kokinos, and she has been active in doing clinical research to find better ways to diagnose and to treat this condition. South Bay Vascular is recognized as the leading treatment center for evaluating and treating left leg swelling. We have patients visit us from throughout California for a second opinion after their primary care physicians tell them there is nothing more that they can do. We can help!

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Note: Leg swelling is a difficult symptom to diagnose. If both legs are swollen, it is most likely due to a problem with one’s general health. Bilateral swelling can be caused by certain types of medications or can be a symptom of congestive heart failure, liver disease, kidney problems, or obesity. For these types of problems, you should see your general physician.

It is important not to ignore any kind of leg swelling, especially if it comes on abruptly, as it may be a sign of a serious issue.

About Iliac Vein Compression

(May ‐ Thurner Syndrome)

Iliac vein compression (also known as May-Thurner Syndrome) is an anatomic condition that occurs when the left iliac vein gets squeezed and compressed between the lumbar spine and the right iliac artery.

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  • Swelling and aching in one leg, especially the left leg
  • Recurrent blood clots, especially in the left leg
  • Non-healing wounds in the ankle or shin

Risk Factors

Iliac Vein Compression is an anatomic condition that may occur naturally, but it can also occur as a result of radiation treatments or scarring from pelvic or back surgery.


As the leading leg swelling clinic in Northern California, South Bay Vascular continues to be on the cutting edge of treatment options and offers treatments that very few other facilities can deliver. We are at the forefront of diagnosing Iliac Vein Compression using regular vascular ultrasound and in treating it with the newest endovascular techniques using IVUS (intravascular ultrasound) and stents in an outpatient office setting.

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"Dr. Kokinos was especially helpful in explaining the underlying issues and the treatment options in terms that were easy to understand."

– SBVC patient

"Dr. Kokinos gave me back my legs by putting a stent in my artery. I can walk without pain again!”

– SBVC patient