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Gilroy, CA. Vascular Surgery Care - South Bay Vascular Center




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Gilroy, CA. Vascular Surgery Care

South Bay Vascular Center and Vein Institute is a full service vascular surgery clinic and accredited vascular ultrasound testing lab located at 8420 Church in Gilroy, CA. Dr. Polly Kokinos and Dr Brad Hill offer cutting edge care to patients suffering from vascular and arterial conditions and continue their 20 year commitment of caring for patients in the South Bay.

Patients suffering from swollen, aching legs; painful, non-healing leg wounds; blood clots (DVT); dialysis access problems; clotted grafts; varicose veins and peripheral arterial disease (PAD) no longer need to travel to the greater San Jose area as local care continues to expand into the South Bay. World class surgeons, bringing state of the art technology offer a whole new level of Vascular care to the greater Gilroy, Hollister, Salinas and Hwy 152 corridor to the Central Valley Community.

Recognized as two of the most experienced and respected vascular surgeons in Northern California, the practice of Drs. Hill and Kokinos is focused on restoring the circulatory health of their patients thereby helping them return to a normal way of life. Together, our surgeons have performed more complex vascular procedures than any other Vascular Surgeons in Northern California. Recognized as San Jose's and Silicon Valley's most respected varicose vein experts Dr. Kokinos and Dr. Hill have performed over 20,000 vein procedures over the past 25 years and are not only the most highly trained vein specialists in San Jose, they are also the most experienced varicose vein experts in all of San Jose, Silicon Valley and the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

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