Our practice consists of three distinct parts:

  • A Medical Clinic
  • A Nationally Accredited Vascular Ultrasound Lab
  • A Nationally Accredited Ambulatory Surgery Center

By bringing all aspects of vascular care into a single facility we are able to simplify our patients' experience and to ensure the best possible outcomes. 
More importantly, our facility adheres to the highest levels of quality and safety and is designed for patient comfort, ease of use, and professionalism .

Our AAAASF accredited ambulatory surgery center provides a state of the art facility where our board certified vascular surgeons can perform procedures that previously were only done in the hospital operating room or cardiac catheterization laboratory.  As a result, we can provide immediate care in a patient-friendly environment that bypasses hospital admissions and removes the need for a hospital visit. 


Established in 1997 by Dr. Polyxene "Polly" Kokinos, South Bay Vascular Center and Vein Institute, has a singular mission: 

"To ensure the best possible outcomes in the most difficult of circumstances."

Improving the lives of our patients is the foundation of everything that we do. In pursuit of this goal we strive to provide the most advanced vascular care available anywhere in the world.  Our doctors are board certified vascular surgeons, trained at the best universities in the world and practicing for over 20 years.  Dr. Hill holds a clinical professorship of surgery at Stanford University Medical school (Affiliated) and served as Chief of Vascular Surgery at Kaiser's Santa Clara Valley Medical center for over 17 years before joining Dr. Kokinos at South Bay Vascular. 

But delivering exceptional patient care involves much more than simply being the best practitioner: Exceptional patient care demands compassionate care and compassionate care means that we put our patients at the center of everything that we do. 

For over 20 years our doctors have helped tens of thousands of patients get their lives back with state of the art medical care specifically focused on circulation and cosmetic vein issues. As a Vascular Surgery Center of Excellence South Bay Vascular Center physicians  offer patients unmatched, personalized care for vascular and arterial conditions, ranging from the most delicate to the most complex.

Putting patients at the center means we do everything we can to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.  A big part of this means making things easy for our patients by providing state of the art treatment facilities in a single, easily accessible location. Our on-site, ICAVL Accredited Ultrasound Laboratory and AAAASF nationally accredited ambulatory surgery center are the first of their kind in the area and were designed to be comfortable and easily accessible for our patients.  

Because we can diagnose and treat both complex as well as simple vascular conditions at our facility, we treat and repair a large number of our patients' vascular surgery and cosmetic vein issues in-house, without the need for patients to visit a hospital or to travel between multiple locations...and that's why we are different. 

By making things easier for our patients, we believe we are providing a better health care experience for our patients.

Supporting our physicians, our nurses are the best in the business. SBVC nurses have extensive experience in cardiovascular intensive care units, operating rooms, and recovery rooms and together, our four nurses have experience totaling over 75 years.


Recognized by her peers as one of the pre-eminent vascular surgeons in the region, Dr Kokinos served as Chair of the Cardiovascular department at Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose, CA. and was appointed as the Medical Director of both the O'Connor and St. Louise wound care centers. Dr. Hill joined the practice in 2018 and brings an unmatched resume of vascular experience  from his years working as a clinical professor of Vascular surgery at Stanford University Medical School and as Chief of Vascular Surgery at Kaiser Northern California. Together, our Vascular Surgeons collaborate to bring South Bay Vascular Patients the most advanced vascular care available anywhere in the world.

At South Bay Vascular, Dr's Kokinos and Hill  provide individualized attention to patient needs without the complex bureaucracy and difficulties associated with large hospitals and universities and simplify the complexity of hospital admissions, shared nursing and getting lost in giant health care systems. At South Bay Vascular patients are cared for with dignity and respect. 

Put simply, our goal at South Bay Vascular is to provide individualized care, utilizing state of the art medical equipment, delivered in a private setting and where patients are supported by superior nursing and care coordinators. We believe that by caring for our patients in this way,  South Bay Vascular can deliver unmatched vascular care to insure the best possible outcomes in the most difficult of circumstances.

What makes us different

At SBVC we do much more than just treat and repair unsightly and painful varicose and spider veins. We are San Jose's Leading Vascular Surgery Center of Excellence and bring this specialty training to the treatment of Varicose Vein and other circulatory diseases. We are not simply a "vein" clinic or cosmetic center staffed by phlebologists who learned how to perform cosmetic vein procedures to augment their primary specialities; Veins are at the center of everything that we do.

South Bay Vascular Center and Vein Institute is a full service Vascular Surgery Center of Excellence; dedicated to treating everything from the most complex arterial procedures to the most delicate cosmetic procedures.

Collaborating with Interventional Radiologists  and Cardiologists our surgeons bring an entirely different approach to the treatment of vascular disease.  Supported by our registered vascular ultrasonography technologists and an on-site accredited ultrasound lab and nationally accredited ambulatory surgery center, our critical care nurses and surgeons provide cutting edge vascular care utilizing the most advanced imaging and surgical techniques available. This approach, a multidisciplinary one, performed in our on-site, state of the art angiography suite in Campbell, CA. ensures the best possible outcomes in a compassionate setting. 

Lots of centers treat venus reflux or "leaky valves" when they show up as painful and unsightly varicose and spider veins. Fast cosmetic fixes, however, can often mask more serious underlying circulation issues that only a vascular surgeon is trained to address. In fact, many of the physicians claiming to be "Vein" or "Vascular" specialists and who advertise for and offer treatments for varicose veins have had little formal training to treat these conditions and have learned this skill outside of their primary field of specialization as a way to supplement their practice.  More importantly, even fewer of these "vein" and or "vascular" specialists have their own, onsite accredited vascular ultrasound labs and fewer still, maintain national accreditation as an ambulatory surgery center ensuring that they operate to the highest levels of quality and safety.

What makes South Bay Vascular Center a Vascular Surgery Center of Excellence is that we offer comprehensive care and treatment by ABMS board certified vascular surgeons trained to care for the entire spectrum of vascular related disease and that we exceed the highest
standards of quality and safety as mandated by a national
accreditation agency. 

Not all vein care is the same.  

Understand your options!

If you or anyone you know suffers from a circulatory issue, we can help! In fact, there is a very good chance that we can provide treatment options where others could not.

Call us at 408-376-3626 


Our job at SBVC is to care for problems in ANY part of a patients circulatory system. We treat everything from Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) to chronic limb ischemia (CLI); from varicose veins to non-healing leg ulcers and diabetic wounds; from blood clots (DVT) to swollen legs; from aortic aneurysm's to the infected dialysis access graft that may threaten a patient’s life. We are also the ONLY independent dialysis access center in all of Santa Clara County staffed by full time vascular surgeons.

A multi-disciplinary approach sets us apart from other physicians claiming to be Vein "Experts" or Vein "Specialists" and is why we are recognized as the most trusted vascular surgeons in the region. SBVC is a vascular surgery center of excellence; not simply a varicose vein treatment center.

At South Bay Vascular Center and Vein Institute we are Board Certified Vascular Surgeons. We are NOT phlebology doctors nor cardiologists who have learned how to treat cosmetic veins or Peripheral Vascular Disease (PAD) at a weekend course or seminar and who treat varicose and spider veins as a means to supplement their primary practice. Vascular Surgeons have completed an accredited 5-7 general surgery residency program followed by an additional 2 years in an accredited vascular surgery fellowship program specifically focused on the treatment of arterial and venous disease.... and that's after spending 4 years in medical school and 4 years in college. Treating diseases of the circulatory system IS our primary practice and it is what we have been trained to do.

Unlike many other cosmetic vein centers, every South Bay Vascular surgeon is either ABMS board certified or board eligible. Established as the Gold Standard in medicine, board certification is only awarded to a select few physicians following their completion of a rigorous training in a board eligible fellowship program. Even after completing fellowship training, board certification is not granted until after the physician has passed a series of exhaustive clinical and written examinations and must be renewed every 10 years.

"Phlebologists" on the other hand sometimes refer to themselves as being "Board Certified" in Phlebology. In actual fact, however, there is no such ABMS designation. Instead, board certification in "Phlebology" is granted by an association of Phlebologists and not by the American Board of Medical Specialties. A Phlebology board is received simply by taking a written exam , without having completed a rigorous and specialized clinical fellowship.

At SBVC we are proud to bring our patients the highest level of clinical training and surgical expertise.

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