South Bay Vascular Center is a 

Vascular Surgery Center of Excellence

At South Bay Vascular Center & Vein Institute, we are committed to providing quality care in a safe, comfortable environment. We have been serving the San Jose area community since 2000, and have grown to include international patients.

Our private, AAAASF accredited state of the art Ambulatory Surgery Center enables SBVC physicians to address many complicated flow related issues in our Campbell facility as an alternative to the traditional hospital setting. The high tech suite offers patients a high quality, personalized experience, where doctors can help their patients in a kinder, gentler setting.  Most importantly, our national accreditation ensures that we adhere to the highest standards of safety and quality.  

South Bay Vascular Clinic


Our practice consists of three distinct parts:
  • A Medical Clinic, 
  • An Accredited Vascular Ultrasound Lab and 
  • Nationally Accredited Ambulatory Surgery Center. 
Working together, each of part our practice is designed to deliver exceptional patient care.  By bringing all aspects of vascular care into a single facility we are able to simplify our patients' experience and to provide the best possible outcome in the most difficult of circumstances. 
Most importantly, our facility adheres to the highest levels of quality and safety and is designed for patient comfort, ease of use, and professionalism .
Our AAAASF accredited ambulatory surgery center provides a high-technology outpatient setting to perform procedures that previously were only done in the hospital operating room or cardiac catheterization laboratory. A multi-disciplinary approach with both vascular surgeons and interventional radiologists allow patients access to the best care for their particular issue. As a result, we can provide immediate care in a patient-friendly environment that bypasses hospital admissions and removes the impersonal and scary hospital visit. Care is provided only by board-certified physicians and surgeons and high-level nurses to ensure the best possible outcomes.