Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy is a modality for treating perforators and large deeper veins. This treatment is often covered by insurance as it is used to treat veins that are underneath an area of ulceration (open wound). This technique can also be used to treat bleeding spider veins or for some veins that are not completely closed by other techniques.   

This is NOT a therapy for cosmetic spider veins. 

This  injection therapy, uses a small needle, which is inserted directly into the vein with ultrasound guidance. There is minimal pain on injection. A foaming solution technique (Foam Therapy), with FDA approved Sodium Tetradecyl or Polidocanol is used.

The chemical solution irritates the lining of the vessel causing it to swell and stick together. Ultrasound guidance is a procedure done in the office. After treatment you will remain lying on the table approximately 30 minutes. Compression hose must be worn for two weeks after this treatment to facilitate the best results.  The result is a more accurate, non-invasive treatment that will relieve your symptoms, help wounds heal, and help stop repeat bleeding.

Please note: South Bay Vascular no longer does topical sclerotherapy for cosmetic reasons.  We have an excellent group of doctors to whom we refer should you require this service. 

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