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 Institute for Vascular Testing in San Jose – Campbell

Much of the diagnosis of vascular problems today is done with the help of ultrasound. We are the only private Vascular Surgery Center in the South Bay to have a fully accredited vascular ultrasound lab on site that is staffed by full time, registered vascular ultrasonography techs. Recognized as the best of the best, our vascular ultrasound laboratory produces high quality studies with minimal delay with none of the hassle of having to go to a hospital. The studies use ultrasound waves to take pictures of blood vessels and blood flow. They are done by using a small probe with some warm gel on the area of interest. None of them involve needles or radiation. Most studies take under an hour.

All the studies we perform are pain free, non-invasive and performed by a Registered Vascular Technologist. This is a person specially trained to do ultrasound studies only of blood vessels. We have a state of the art Phillips Envisor Ultrasound machine that we use for our tests. 

Most importantly, all of our vascular ultrasound tests are interpreted by a vascular surgeon, specially trained to understand the "physics" of blood flow and who can identify subtle problems often missed by traditionally trained hospital radiologists.

If a problem is found, an interim report will be phoned or faxed to the referring doctor. A full written report with drawings and/or hard-copy prints will usually be mailed within 24 hours. These tests are almost always covered by insurance if ordered by either your doctor or the vascular surgeon. 

Many people today are taking the matter of their health into their own hands. They know they have risk factors for vascular disease such as age over 55, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or cigarette smoking and are concerned about having a stroke or dying of a ruptured aneurysm. We offer screening ultrasounds that can put your mind to rest about the above in less than 30 minutes. Insurance does not pay for these, but we have made them quite affordable.

Non-invasive vascular testing procedures performed include

    • Carotid duplex scanning

    • Color flow duplex imaging of the upper and lower extremity arterial systems

    • Color flow duplex imaging of the upper and lower extremity venous systems

    • Preoperative arterial and venous mapping of both upper and lower extremity arterial venous systems in patients scheduled for vascular access procedures for dialysis and/or arterial bypass surgery

    • Duplex imaging of previously placed arterial and/or venous reconstruction procedures as part of a graft surveillance program to prevents graft thrombosis

    • Cold immersion stress testing with digital artery pressures and temperatures measured for the valuation of Raynauds Phenomena

    • Iliac-vein compression

You can schedule a test by calling (408) 376-3626, or click here Our Noninvasive Vascular Laboratory is open between 8:30am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Extended hours are available if scheduled in advance. We will attend to any insurance authorizations that are required. 

Extended hours available from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM

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