Every year thousands of patients in the US undergo cosmetic vein procedures in the hope of getting rid of their swollen legs and unsightly varicose veins. Unfortunately, in a large percentage of these patients, a simple cosmetic procedure fails to address a more serious underlying vascular issue and, even when the procedure is successful, patients complain of continued leg swelling, heaviness, and pain in their legs. Internet searches for, "Why do my legs continue to swell following my varicose vein surgery?" are everywhere on the internet and lead many patients to simplified, incomplete answers leaving them in a difficult position where they continue to suffer and have no answers for where to go next.

Over the past 5 years, significant advances in medical imaging and device technology have given Vascular surgeons new ways to treat leg swelling. Today, with the help of this new technology, trained vascular surgeons are able to restore normal blood flow to the lower legs in a straightforward, outpatient procedure that has led to significantly better outcomes than ever before possible.

Dr. Kokinos, a board certified vascular and general surgeon, performs these straightforward procedures in her outpatient, state of the art, angiography suite in Campbell, CA. She is a leading expert in the treatment of Iliac Vein Compression. Later this month, Dr. Kokinos will share her findings and outcomes at one of the pre-eminent vascular surgery conferences in Miami, Fl. OEIS, where she will speak to a global audience about the care and treatment of patients suffering from swollen legs.

If you or anyone you know suffers from swollen legs, especially left leg swelling, have been diagnosed with a DVT (blood clot), or experience leg swelling, or excessive pain following a cosmetic vein procedure (EVLT, Laser Sclerotheraphy etc.) ask your physician to speak with you about May-Thurners Syndrome and Iliac Vein Compression. We can help fix your swollen, achy legs and can help you get back your life. Please give us a call to discuss your treatment options at 408-376-3626 or visit our website at

Patient with left leg swelling

Posted on 04/12/2016 at 06:04 AM