Do you Suffer From Iliac Vein Compression?

To answer that question, take a few seconds to consider the following:

▪ Are your legs swollen? Is your left leg larger than your right?
▪ Is it harder to slip one shoe on in the morning than the other?
▪ Have you had any kind of cosmetic or other surgical procedure done on your leg and not gotten the outcome you wanted?
▪ Are you a cancer patient undergoing treatment or procedures?
▪ Have you ever suffered from a blood clot or (DVT) in your leg
▪ Do you visit a wound care clinic with little to no success?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, you MAY be suffering from a known, but previously difficult to diagnose problem called May-Thurner's Syndrome.

May Thurner's Syndrome, also known as iliac Vein Compression, is a condition where the main artery supplying blood to the leg pushes down or compresses the main vein taking blood back to your heart. Previously undiagnosed, major advances in medical imaging technology have given vascular surgeons the tools needed to demonstrate that May Thurner's syndrome is directly responsible for the slowing of blood going back to ones heart resulting in the swelling and or edema of the leg. These same studies have shown that in a full 30% of all people, the left iliac vein can be significantly compressed by the right iliac artery resulting in some kind of leg symptom….aching, heaviness, and most commonly, swelling or non-healing of wounds in the leg veins.

The Physicians and Surgeons at South Bay Vascular Center and Vein Institute are now able to diagnose and successfully treat iliac vein compression using state of the art ultrasonic imaging technology. If a patient is found to have iliac vein compression, and is symptomatic for this condition, we then recommend IVUS--intravascular ultrasound and iliac vein stenting. All of these procedures can be performed in our state-of-art angiography suite right at our office meaning that you can avoid going to the hospital to get this done. To date, Dr. Kokinos has successfully performed over 100 of these iliac vein stent procedures in her out-patient angiography suite and will be the featured speaker at a national convention in April 2016 to share her success stories helping patients reduce leg swelling and to increase the rate of wound healing.

During the months of April and May, Dr. Kokinos is offering a FREE, limited number of iliac vein screenings to patients with a history of venous reflux or DVT (blood clots) to screen for this possible compression problem. If you are currently experiencing a swollen leg, have a non healing leg, foot,or ankle wounds or have ever suffered a blood clot (DVT) please contact our office at 408-376-3626 to schedule an appointment.

Don't suffer from swollen legs or non-healing leg ulcers any longer. We can help!


Posted on 04/13/2016 at 05:04 PM