Chronic wounds (wounds that do not heal after four weeks) are a silent epidemic in the United States and affect almost 7 million people. If not healed in a timely fashion, they can lead to loss of limb and in some instances can lead to amputation or death.

Many patients suffering with non-healing leg wounds are seen in wound care centers for the treatment of their foot and leg ulcers but unfortunately, many times the physicians in these wound care centers are quick to put on expensive savs or other advanced treatment options without treating the underlying circulatory issue.

The best wound care centers treat by guidelines rather than simply treat the symptom of what might be a deeper,underlying condition. Guidelines are a scientifically proven set of steps that have been shown to help wounds heal faster.

For EVERY non-healing wound on the leg or foot, the very first step must be to assess BLOOD FLOW. This means that every patient with a leg or foot wound that hasn’t healed in four weeks MUST be seen by both a vascular surgeon AND a podiatrist (foot specialist).

A vascular surgeon will assess the circulation and order appropriate diagnostic tests, such as vascular ultrasounds to look at the blood flow. This is important to examine, as a large number of the patients who have ulcers, have not previously been diagnosed with an arterial or venous problem. Without fixing the underlying cause of the ulcer, even if it does heal initially, it will soon recur, and cause further problems. It is important for patients to take an active role in asking for these referrals so that the problem does not progress and become a wound that can lead to an amputation.

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