Vascular surgeons are uniquely qualified to manage all issues related to a patient with dialysis access. They spend on average 7 to 9 years of rigorous training in general and vascular surgery after finishing medical school. During this period they are trained in managing all aspects of dialysis access care, including its creation, maintenance, and management of complications.

Vascular surgeons are also trained and certified in the interpretation of vascular ultrasound, a non-invasive tool that aides in selecting the best access site at the time of AV fistula creation/graft placement, as well as being able to diagnose problems as they arise (narrowing of a vein that may ultimately lead to fistula/graft thrombosis).
While some patients benefit from endovascular therapies (for example, balloon angioplasty), some benefit from a traditional surgical repair (for example, repair of an aneurysm). Vascular surgeons are trained in both types of techniques, and can thus offer the best approach for the individual patient and in some cases, even perform both types of procedures at the same time (hybrid procedures).

Finally, if patients have a severe complication from their AV access, such as life-threatening bleeding or infection, it is the vascular surgeon who is called upon to address these issues emergently.
At South Bay Vascular Surgery Center & Vein Institute our vascular surgeons are fully trained in all these techniques, are certified in vascular ultrasound interpretation (Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation or RPVI), and work closely with the patient and their referring nephrologist to establish and maintain a working AV access.


South Bay Vascular Center and Vein Institute is proud to announce the opening of the only dialysis access center in Santa Clara County and the South Bay region with full time vascular surgery coverage. The new center provides experienced care in a state of the art facility conveniently located in Campbell, CA.

Trusted local physicians provide compassionate care in a personalized setting. Full time vascular surgery coverage by board certified surgeons enables immediate access to care unlike any other facility in the region. From the most complicated dialysis access problems to the most basic access issues our full time vascular surgeons provides an entirely different level of care and treatment than found in other facilities staffed by interventional nephrologists. Full time Vascular Surgery coverage ensures the best results in the least amount of time; no more waiting in the cold corridors of a traditional hospital; no more secondary referrals; and equally important, a lower cost alternative to the current model of patient care. Most importantly, when you have a problem, we are here to help.

South Bay Vascular’s new facility is staffed by local physicians and surgeons who have been dedicated to treating South Bay patients for over 60 years. We are local physicians and not a large corporation staffed by out of town physicians. We are dedicated professionals passionate about patient care and who have long track record of success in the Santa Clara Valley. Our new center is a welcome alternative to the traditional hospital setting and provides un-matched access to board certified vascular surgeons trained to address any vascular access complication.

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South Bay Vascular announces the opening of the South Bay’s only Dialysis Access Center providing full time coverage by Vascular Surgeons. The new center can be easily accessed via our toll free one call service number.


Experienced Care in a State of the Art Facility conveniently located in Campbell, CA

Trusted, local physicians providing compassionate care in a personalized setting

Dedicated to the South Bay for Over 60 years of combined service