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Polyxene (Polly) Kokinos MD. RPVI. Board Certified in Vascular and General Surgery

Silicon Valley’s Most Trusted Vascular Surgeon.

Dr Kokinos…The Confidence of knowing you made the Right choice for your Vascular care.

  • The confidence of knowing that your vascular surgeon has been taking care of South Bay patients with vascular disease for almost 30 years.
  • The confidence of knowing that your surgeon built her private practice one patient at a time for almost a quarter of a century…BECAUSE referring PHYSICIANS TRUST Dr Kokinos to deliver the best possible outcomes for their patients: even in the most difficult of circumstances.
  • The confidence of knowing that your surgeon delivers both world class and compassionate care. That Dr Kokinos is the only Vascular surgeon in the South Bay who has built an independent, nationally accredited, state of the art Vascular Surgery Center of Excellence where SHE takes care of her patients…where cutting edge care is at the heart of everything that she does.
  • The confidence of knowing that your surgeon has earned the trust of local physicians. More independent local physicians refer their vascular patients to Dr Kokinos than to any other vascular surgeon in Silicon Valley.
  • The confidence of knowing you will receive the most Advanced and Innovative Care found anywhere in the world…No other vascular surgery practice in Silicon Valley offers a combination of the imaging, device and care options that South Bay Vascular Center can offer to their patients in their private, AAAASF nationally accredited ambulatory surgery center dedicated entirely to the treatment of complex vascular disease. “We offer hope when others say there is none”
  • The confidence of knowing you will receive Personalized Care…” One Doctor, One Patient, One Nurse” …We’re NOT a hospital; we are more. That’s why we provide individualized care. At South Bay Vascular Center, we care for you as a person, not just as another patient. Our job is to understand the “why” so that you have real solutions to living a healthy life.
  • The confidence of knowing you will receive Simplified Care: ALL your vascular care under one roof. Clinical care, Vascular Ultrasound care, and Surgical care. All your care in a single facility.

South Bay Vascular Center and Vein Institute. Silicon Valley’s Vascular Surgeon.


South Bay Vascular Center and Vein Institute is a full service vascular surgery clinic and accredited vascular ultrasound testing lab located at 8420 Church in Gilroy, CA. Dr. Polly Kokinos offers cutting edge care to patients suffering from vascular and arterial conditions and continue their 20 year commitment of caring for patients in the South Bay.

Patients suffering from swollen, aching legs; painful, non-healing leg wounds; blood clots (DVT); dialysis access problems; clotted grafts; varicose veins and peripheral arterial disease (PAD) no longer need to travel to the greater San Jose area as local care continues to expand into the South Bay. World class surgeons, bringing state of the art technology offer a whole new level of Vascular care to the greater Gilroy, Hollister, Salinas and Hwy 152 corridor to the Central Valley Community.

Recognized as one of the most experienced and respected vascular surgeons in Northern California, the practice of Dr. Kokinos is focused on restoring the circulatory health of their patients thereby helping them return to a normal way of life. Together, our surgeons have performed more complex vascular procedures than any other Vascular Surgeons in Northern California. Recognized as San Jose’s and Silicon Valley’s most respected varicose vein experts Dr. Kokinos has performed over 20,000 vein procedures over the past 25 years and are not only the most highly trained vein specialists in San Jose, they are also the most experienced varicose vein experts in all of San Jose, Silicon Valley and the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

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The Vascular Surgeons of South Bay Vascular Center in affiliation with interventional radiologists Dr. Anup Singh and Dr. Raj Tandon are pleased to announce the opening of San Jose’s and the entire Santa Clara Valleys first and only state of the art Dialysis Access Center staffed with full time vascular surgery coverage. By calling 1-855-WE-D-CLOT dialysis patients can now receive immediate access to care instead of the traditional trip to the hospital emergency room where extended treatment times may lead to more difficult complications.

Our Specialities Include
Thrombosed or failing AV Fistulas and Grafts
Placement of Temporary Dialysis Catheters
Surgery to Place Fistulas and Grafts
Trusted local physicians providing compassionate care in a personalized setting
Dedicated to serving San Jose and the South Bay community for over 60 years of combined service

Call us today at 1-855-WE-D-CLOT


Vascular surgeons are uniquely qualified to manage all issues related to a patient with dialysis access. They spend on average 7 to 9 years of rigorous training in general and vascular surgery after finishing medical school. During this period they are trained in managing all aspects of dialysis access care, including its creation, maintenance, and management of complications.

Vascular surgeons are also trained and certified in the interpretation of vascular ultrasound, a non-invasive tool that aides in selecting the best access site at the time of AV fistula creation/graft placement, as well as being able to diagnose problems as they arise (narrowing of a vein that may ultimately lead to fistula/graft thrombosis).
While some patients benefit from endovascular therapies (for example, balloon angioplasty), some benefit from a traditional surgical repair (for example, repair of an aneurysm). Vascular surgeons are trained in both types of techniques, and can thus offer the best approach for the individual patient and in some cases, even perform both types of procedures at the same time (hybrid procedures).

Finally, if patients have a severe complication from their AV access, such as life-threatening bleeding or infection, it is the vascular surgeon who is called upon to address these issues emergently.
At South Bay Vascular Surgery Center & Vein Institute our vascular surgeons are fully trained in all these techniques, are certified in vascular ultrasound interpretation (Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation or RPVI), and work closely with the patient and their referring nephrologist to establish and maintain a working AV access.